All in 1 Reviews Platform (4 individual parts)

1) Reputation Reviews

What Review Generation & Reputation Monitoring Can Do for Your Business:

Help your practice take a proactive approach to managing your brand online

  • Push your brand to the forefront with positive reinforcement
  • Preserve your brand’s reputation and good name
  • Push down negative reviews
  • Stay in control of your online reputation
  • Keep you informed of what others are saying about your business is committed to providing the best service and monitoring of your online reputation. 

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2) Review Postcards

Custom Reviews Postcards designed specifically for your office assist staff in soliciting positive reviews about your practice from your patients. Simply have your office manager hand this postcard to your best patients. They can scan the easy-to-use QR Codes or copy the link on to post their positive testimonials on three of the most popular review directories.

3) Reputation Monitoring

Your account representative at will monitor your reviews from all valuable platforms across the internet. Your account representative will update you with any new reviews that have been posted about your practice and be available for discussion or to advise you on how to handle your reviews.

4) Reviews Dashboard

Get unlimited access to all your reviews from one single location. No need to do an extensive, time consuming search on the internet. All your reviews will be available on our customer dashboard.  Click on the logos and see all your reviews on that particular platform.